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TechInsights Website

Directed a customer-centric website redesign for TechInsights, strategically aligning with the user journey to drive traffic, amplify brand recognition, and enhance lead conversion. The outcome? A surge in engagement, with 1 million monthly visitors and a daily influx of 10k users directed to the TechInsights Platform login page, directly supporting its target of 100k active users.


My Role

UX/UI Design, Strategy

The Team

Design Director, UX Designers x3


Miro, Figma, WordPress


5 weeks


Design Research, Information Architecture, UX/UI Design, Visual Design, SEO, Content Development, Lead Conversion.


Background Research, Stakeholder Interviews, Competitor Research


Content, Look, IA and Flow, Templates


Messaging, Brand Enhancement


Hi-Fi Prototype, responsive WordPress prototype

Hand off

All assets to Web team / 3rd party contractors


The World’s Leading Information Source for the Semiconductor Market

TechInsights required strategic direction to quickly redesign its corporate website, create templates and clear calls to action. Beyond showcasing the value of TechInsights’ offerings as ‘the information platform for the semiconductor industry’, the website needed to drive lead conversion via a contact forms, free trial access, and requests for platform demonstrations. The website needed to be streamlined and focused, allowing audiences to explore TechInsights’ value and ultimately become a returning platform subscriber.


How might we best promote lead conversion for TechInsights platform offerings?

  • Communicate TechInsights’ value proposition across diverse market segments
  • Clearly demonstrate TechInsights’ Platform offerings
  • Showcase TechInsights Subject Matter Experts
  • Generate lead conversions through contact forms or other channels
  • Promote free trial use to increase active users in the TechInsights Platform


Finding the win-win opportunities

To align on the website goals, I conducted a workshop involving the directors of Marketing, Platform and UX, as well as our Web and SEO team leaders. We also spoke to representatives from the sales team to better understand what they hear from customers. Together we compiled a list of goals and pain points for TechInsights and its customer base. We grouped overarching themes into shared goals that would help direct our redesign both tactically and strategically.



  • Attract new customers and increase active users in platform
  • Position TechInsights as the information platform for the semiconductor industry
  • Expand reach and build brand awareness
  • Simplify the experience and clearly communicate the value proposition
  • Attract talent


Pain Points

  • Inconsistent branding
  • Difficult to showcase customers, provide case studies or testimonials
  • High touch conversion tactics
  • No localization



  • Value for money
  • Trust the content
  • Search, access and consume content faster
  • Ease of navigation
  • Understand what’s available in a subscription
  • Access sample content
  • Buy in from peers and management


Pain Points

  • Unsure of value
  • Has existing programs in place
  • Isn’t the final decision maker
  • Reluctant to commit
  • High cost of subscription
  • High tough sign up process 

Shared Goals

  • Frictionless access
  • Customer centric
  • Provide tangible value
  • Deliver trust and transparency
  • Help users do their jobs better and faster
  • Provide solutions to real business needs
  • Access timely and accurate information
  • Transparent subscription models

We also used this workshop as an opportunity to evaluate and understand what the existing website was doing well, and where we might find opportunities to focus or improve.


To achieve these goals and alignment between departments UX and marketing worked to create customer journey maps. The website would serve a the central hub for customer discovery through all marketing channels, social media, and SEO efforts.


To support development and inform information architecture, a continued discovery process aimed to identify key competitors and understand our customers and their role in the semiconductor industry.


  • Reverse Engineering
  • Market Analysis
  • IP Investigation
  • Process Engineers
  • Patent Engineers
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Patent Management
  • Chip Designers
  • Product Manufacturers
  • Forecasting
  • Supply Chain


Understanding the competition.

The depth and breadth of Techinsights’ technical analysis and forecasting capabilities combined with its patent knowledge and market understanding are unrivalled, though direct competitors exist in individual business segments. 

  • Traditional IP firms
  • Reverse Engineering firms
  • Low-cost IP outsourcing firms
  • Transaction or strategic firms
  • Market analysis firms
  • Teardown firms
  • Lawyers and in-house teams

TechInsights is the whole package​

Competitors are not operating at TechInsights' scale ​

Customers are global​

Key competitors offer multilingual support​

Don't make users guess

Clearly demonstrate value proposition and offerings​

Showcase knowledge and expertise​

Competitors not promoting blogs or SMEs​

Customers are secretive

Difficult to showcase clients or case studies, trust must be built elsewhere​

Opportunity to engage​

Competitors are not using chatbots


Defining our user personas.

Who is primarily interested in TechInsights?

Senior Strategists: Mid to senior-level executive in a tech-intensive industry making informed decisions to keep their organization ahead of the curve. They seek comprehensive insights and industry analysis to guide their strategic planning and drive innovation within their company.

  • Goals: Stay ahead of competition, informed strategic decision-making.
  • Needs: Comprehensive insights, industry trends, market analysis.
  • Behavior: Analytical, detail-oriented.
  • Pain Points: Limited time, finding relevant information, complexity.
  • Expectations: Up-to-date analysis, user-friendly interface, tailored insights.

Research and Development Engineers: Mid-level professional in R&D of tech companies, motivated by advancing semiconductor technology for innovation. They depend on technical specs and benchmarks to lead product development and stay at the cutting edge.

  • Goals: Drive innovation, informed product development.
  • Needs: Detailed technical specifications, case studies, benchmarks.
  • Behavior: Curious, detail-oriented.
  • Pain Points: Limited access to data, keeping up with trends, practical application.
  • Expectations: Technical content, interactive tools, collaboration opportunities.

Market Analysts: Consultant or analyst specializing in semiconductor industry providing informed advice on investments, partnerships, and market entry strategies, staying ahead through comprehensive analysis and expert foresight.

  • Goals: Conduct market research, advise clients.
  • Needs: Market data, industry reports, expert insights.
  • Behavior: Data-driven, objective.
  • Pain Points: Limited access to data, reliable sources, staying informed.
  • Expectations: Comprehensive market analysis, customizable tools, relevant insights.

Who will champion the conversion and adoption of TechInsights?

Strategic Buyer

A high-level executive responsible for purchasing decisions.

  • Goals: Drive business growth, reduce costs, mitigate risks.
  • Behavior: Results-driven, ROI-focused.
Internal Advocate:

A technical expert or project manager evaluating solutions.

  • Goals: Identify innovative solutions, enhance performance.
  • Behavior: Technically proficient, detail-oriented.


Customer want to make informed business decisions faster and with greater confidence.

Reverse Engineering Customers

Help decision makers in semiconductor, system, financial, and communication service provider companies make better-informed decisions on their product roadmaps with competitive technical intelligence.


Intellectual Property Services Customers

Help IP professionals in global technology companies, licensing entities and legal firms to plan strategies on the assertion/defense on their patent portfolios and licensing negotiations.


Market Analysis Customers

Help supply chain and procurement professionals to understand the shape of the semiconductor market to come, and to more effectively negotiate with vendors and understand the true costs of technology products today.


  • Clearly demonstrate business units so visitors in various market segments may self-identify their needs


  • Responsive design
  • Search database to find value
  • Provide demos and sample analysis
  • Employ A/B testing
  • Monitor SEO strategies
  • Use chatbot


The primary role of the website.

The Techinsights website serves as both our  public facing corporate site and as our primary path for potential customers to discover and subscribe to our platform as paid users. These user flows focus on various paths users might take to discover the TechInsights website, and the actions available to them.

Template Design

Our guiding principles

  • Minimal copy, clear navigation.
  • Strong CTA to subscribe or start a trial.
  • Clear subscription options and benefits.
  • Compelling value proposition.
  • Focused, easy-to-digest content.
  • Relevant CTAs to engage further.


Structuring the content to identify required pages.

The site was divided into clear categories including paid solutions, free resources, about the company, and career opportunities.


Organizing the content.

With our research well underway, we shifted our focus to crafting the new landing page for TechInsights. Initially, we outlined our preferred messaging and information structure, and we delved into examining reusable content elements and design frameworks based on business unites and market segments.


Getting the content right.

With an approved architecture we were ready to start wireframing the primary page templates:

  • Home
  • Business unit
  • Business service category
  • SME profiles
  • Corporate careers


Iterating on the visual design.

The UX team conducted internal testing while iterating the visual design of the website. We experimented with layout, color, typography, and imagery, utilizing feedback loops to optimize elements for clarity and consistency.

This iterative approach ensured the website evolved to meet diverse audience needs and align with brand identity.


Test driving our solution.

The UX team developed a comprehensive prototype for Marketing Ops, serving as a hands-on template to guide website generation within our corporate CMS. This prototype offered a tangible framework for implementing design elements, ensuring seamless integration with the CMS while maintaining the intended user experience.

Development Handoff

Following the completion of site design, the UX team collaborated with Marketing Ops to facilitate a smooth transition, delivering extensive documentation and assets. Armed with design specifications, a style guide, and UX guidelines, Marketing Ops will own and maintain the website. Furthermore, ongoing support is available as they handle content management and implement updates via the Drupal CMS.


The redesigned website, paired with strategic marketing outreach and social media efforts, acts as the main entry point to TechInsights’ Platform. Through continued targeted campaigns and engaging content, we drive increased traffic to the site, where visitors seamlessly transition towards accessing our Platform. This integrated approach has boosted brand awareness, engagement, and conversion opportunities, ensuring the website’s pivotal role in driving user adoption and success.

TechInsights continues to experience a significant increase in traffic, with a monthly average of 1 million visitors, translating to 10,000 daily visitors directed to the Platform login page. This surge in traffic reflects heightened user engagement and interest, leading to a tripling of active users on the Platform

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